The footballing world, the Naples region, and the nation of Argentina is today in mourning after news broke that, arguably, the greatest to ever do it had passed.

Diego Armando Maradona, the footballing icon and Argentinian demi-god passed away from a heart attack this morning at the age of sixty.

That news has left people across the globe devastated as they remember the man who did it all – on and off a football field.

Our newspaper has bestowed one of it’s highest honours upon the World Cup Winner, by recognising that he gave it a good crack.

In fact, maybe even the best crack.

Wowing the world with his feats on the football field, the boy from the shantytowns on the edge of Buenos Aires did pretty much all you could do, winning a World Cup for his nation and taking them to another final, winning multiple Italian league titles for a club that had never won, and a UEFA Cup for that same club, Napoli.

On top of that, the man known as ‘God’ around Argentina also lived quite a life off the field.

A hero to the people of his country and football, he was also a hero to people around the world who enjoy the sport of partying.

With the ability to out bender the likes of Munster, Cheese or Dusty without lifting a finger, Maradona cemented his status as a larger than life icon with his ability to enjoy himself in the most excessive ways possible.

While that did lead to his downfall on and off the pitch in regards to a number of things, it is part of what made him the global icon he was, and draws the acknowledgement, that fuck, he really did give it a crack.

Vale Diego Armando Maradona.


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