As local bloke Samuel Johnston lies in bed and stares at the ceiling, he finds himself in a terrible conundrum.

You see, he has a sneaking suspicion that his alarm should be going off any second now. Or even worse, it should have rung already.

But if he concedes defeat and rolls over to check his phone, he may lose out on some precious sleep.

Best case scenario, he has an hour or more to go, which means checking the clock will give him comfort. However, anything under the thirty minute mark will result in him lying in limbo or  missing out on those extra minutes by checking prematurely. 

Mulling both options in his head, Samuel also has to factor in the growing sense of impending doom he feels in the pit of his stomach, as he strongly suspects he didn’t turn his alarm on. 

Rather than rip off the bandaid and look at the clock, Samuel lies awake for another twenty more torturous minutes before his alarm eventually goes off, signalling another dreary day at the office.

More to come.


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